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    23rd Mar 2020

    Regrettably Myrtle Cottage has had to close for 4 weeks starting 23rd March 2020. We are hoping to have business as normal by the end of April. The staff are going to keep in contact with everyone to support people through this time and find out if there is anything you need. We will do our best to help with the restrictions placed on the nation.

    Please contact the office on 94263100 or email info@myrtlecottage.org.au so a staff member can contact you to discuss your support needs. Keep well and let us help you keep your spirits up.

    Please remember to look out for each other, help at a distance e.g. put the rubbish out or ring people you know are by themselves, and following the 4 simple rules to stop the spread:

    1. Cough or sneeze into your arm
    2. Use a tissue
    3. Bin the tissue
    4. Wash your hands