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Cottage Courier

February – March 2024

This edition highlights some wonderful activities members have been involved in over the past couple of months. We also have an updated policy for you to read along with notes from our Advisory Committee and so much more!

Cottage Courier

December—January 2024

Welcome to 2024, we hope you enjoy the year ahead. Discover what members, volunteers and staff got up to the end of 2023 and how we have started 2024!

Cottage Courier

October—November 2023

What a jam packed newsletter we have for you all this time. Check out the photo's and fun activities the members, volunteers and staff get up too!

Cottage Courier

August—September 2023

Welcome to our August - September Cottage Courier. This edition you will meet our new Assistant Manager - Penny Williams, and read about all the fun activities our members are taking part in!

Cottage Courier

June—July 2023

Our June - July 2023 Cottage Courier is ready and waiting to be read, it is full of interesting articles, highlights and great pictures. Enjoy

Cottage Courier

April—May 2023

Our latest Cottage Courier highlights on Dementia, Wellbeing tips and so much more. Start reading!

Cottage Courier

February—March 2023

Welcome to our February/March Cottage Courier, in this edition you will hear all about our exciting outings, treats from the kitchen and so much more. Enjoy reading and as always we are happy to hear your feedback.

Cottage Courier

December 2022—January 2023

Welcome to our January 2023 Cottage Courier, in this edition you will hear all about our Christmas parties, the wonderful work of our volunteers and so much more!

Cottage Courier

October—November 2022

Welcome to the Oct-Nov Cottage Courier!

Cottage Courier

August—September 2022

Please enjoy reading our latest Cottage Courier.


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