• Volunteers

    Want to get involved in your local community and make a difference in the lives of others?

    Why not volunteer with us and make new friends?

    Volunteers are essential to the operation of programs run by Myrtle Cottage. Without the assistance of volunteers we would be unable to offer the level of support and socialisation to a member that is required for them to participate fully in the activities we offer.


    Volunteers participate in the areas they feel most comfortable while assisting members where they need it the most. The types of volunteer activities include: driving buses (C class or LR Licence required), assisting drivers during transport of members, kitchen duties, assisting members with crafts or games, cleaning of the building, general maintenance and other activities.


    We also offer Work Experience placements for High School, TAFE and University students interested in aged care and disabilities sectors.


    How to become a Volunteer

    You can become a volunteer by contacting the Cottage (refer to ‘Contact Us’ for details) for details of the next scheduled Volunteer Induction. The Induction will take up to 2 hours and will give you the basic information about Myrtle Cottage including policies, procedures and orientation of the building. You will be provided with a manual outlining the details covered during the induction.


    If after the induction you wish to become a volunteer with Myrtle Cottage, the best day to attend, program and areas of assistance that suits you as well as Myrtle Cottage will be discussed. Then a start time and date will be arranged with you.


    Volunteer Testimonials



    I have been a volunteer for over 15 years. I became a volunteer because after I left work I needed to fill in some time productively. I feel so appreciated by the members for any assistance I give them. But if the truth be known the pleasure is all for me. All the thanks needed would be to see them smile, be happy and enjoy their day out.



    When I retired from full time work I decided I wanted to help society in some small way. I had read about Myrtle Cottage in an article in our local newspaper so decided to check the place out. Surprise many years later I am still volunteering at the Cottage. I work in the dementia respite unit and assist with the activities such as craft, games, singing and gentle exercises. The members, staff and volunteers interact well with each other. If you want to feel good, have fun and contribute to a good charity, with dedicated and friendly staff, volunteer at Myrtle Cottage.



    I am 69 years old and volunteer at Myrtle Cottage. On retirement from accounting, I spent six months indulging myself with shopping at leisure, visiting friends, travelling, etc. After this time I decided there must be more than this to retirement. A close friend of mine was a past manager of Myrtle Cottage and we often talked of the positive things that were happening, so I decided to visit the Cottage with the intention of becoming a volunteer. I have been volunteering for more than three years. During this time I have met many wonderful people and my experience with helping the members is most satisfying. I enjoy helping with craft activities, outings and generally chatting with the members. An old friend of mine once told me “the joy in living is giving” and this came true for me at the cottage.



    I started volunteering at Myrtle Cottage over 5 years ago. I had always been involved with my daughter’s school up until then, helping out where I could but as she got older and needed me less I started looking for something else. An advertisement in the local paper for Myrtle Cottage caught my eye. I was trying to decide whether Myrtle was something I would want to do, when I found myself, a few days later, following a Myrtle bus on my way to the shops I took that as a sign. Since then I found Myrtle Cottage to be a very rewarding and uplifting experience, made many friends amongst the other volunteers and with many of the members. I now can’t imagine not coming to Myrtle each week. Helping members with craft or just sitting and listening to their, sometimes wonderful stories, has become a highlight in my week.



    For me being a volunteer at Myrtle Cottage is very fulfilling. I get satisfaction helping others knowing I am making a bit of a difference in their lives. As a shy person I find Myrtle Cottage a friendly place and feel comfortable there. Being a volunteer is a very rewarding job and makes me feel good about myself.


    Poem written by an anonymous volunteer:


    utings and OHS



    urturing and new members



    vacuation Drills

    ecreation and raffles